This delicacy is the end product of a special artisan process: icing. This technique involves adding a drop of liqueur to a thin coating of powdered sugar which is then covered in fine dark chocolate. A shell of sweet flavours that contains the delicate aroma of a variety of carefully selected liqueurs. Upon first savouring this delicacy, you are immediately captivated by the intense flavour of the dark chocolate. As soon as it starts to melt in your mouth, the unique aroma of the liqueur explodes, leaving your taste buds tingling with excitement. The mix of the two flavours makes this a unique experience that leaves its mark on you... until your next piece of sugar coated medicine.

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Drops of liquor

Drops of l'Aquila Saffron liqueur

Fine dark chocolate with a centre made...

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Drops of Rum liqueur

A pearl of crunchy dark chocolate with...

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Drops of coffee liqueur

Dark chocolate with rich coffee filling.

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