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gran sasso

Our unique product is born in a little town on the slopes of the Gran Sasso: Licuor is a delicious sweet with a full-bodied flavor. The rich taste of the dark chocolate together with the velvety softness taste of the gianduja, are concealing a soft heart of sponge cake fully soaked with liquor.

Licuor, in each of his variations, is a splendid result of extraordinarily good hand-crafted production, genuine, using the finest ingredient from the tradition of his land. From the heart of Abruzzo, Licuor… the pleasure of made in Italy.

Licuor is meant to create a unique combination between chocolate and high Italian patisserie. We only use the finest ingredients: dark chocolate (52%), from certified and carefully selected plantations;  gianduja cream, made by grinding exclusively Italian hazelnuts. Licuor conceals a soft heart of sponge cake within itself, a heart flavored with the finest liquors, chosen to meet your most demanding needs.


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